FOR SALE – Veritek ATF-20DT Automatic Transmission Cleaner

Veritek ATF-Machine 20DT Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger

For sale  ATF Machine Veritek ATF-20DT Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger. Cleaning the transmission made easy by using our automatic transmission fluid exchanger machine.


  • It Can Clean Gearboxes From European, America, Japanese ;
  • It Can Finish The Oil Recharging And Cleaning Of Gearbox, Hydraulic Converter, Gearbox Radiator In 20 Minutes, Which Not Only Can Completely Remove Metal Scraps, Oil Sludge, But Also Make Oil Changing Ratio To Nearly 100%;
  • No Need Dismantling, It Can Completely Remove Metal Scraps And Oil Sludge In Gearbox;
  • It Can Rapidly Solve The Problem Of Changing Gear Difficultly, Restore Its Performance, Reduce The Vibration Of The Gearbox, Reduce Its Temperature, Reduce Its Fuel Consumption And Prolong Its Lifetime.
  • Movable Type, Reasonable Structure, And Easy To Operate.
  • Use Quick Joints To Connect With Gearbox, Easy And Fast To Operate
  • Pressure Adjustable Design Makes Sure It Can Work In Different Models Of Vehicles.
  • Cycle Cleaning Function Makes Sure More Completely Maintenance.

Common Accessories

  1. Oil Filling Port
  2. Pressure Gauge of Oil Return
  3. Pressure Gauge of Oil Filling
  4. Watching Window of Old Oil
  5. Watching Window Of New Oil
  6. Switching Valve 1
  7. Switching Valve 2
  8. Power Switch
  9. Power Lamp
  10. External Oil Joint
  11. Filter
  12. Oil Discharging Port
  13. Oil Return Hose
  14. Old Oil Tank
  15. New Oil Tank
  16. Fuse

Technical Specification

  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power Cable: 2.2m
  • Max Power: 150W
  • Pressure gauge: 0~150PSI
  • Oil Return Pipe: 2m
  • Oil Discharging Pipe: 2.1m
  • Filter Accuracy: 5mm
  • Oil Tank: 20LX2
  • Exchanging Error: ±100ML
  • Max exchanging Speed: 2L/min