Wheel Alignment Specification: Mitsubishi Adventure

Wheel Alignment Specification: Mitsubishi Adventure

This is the Wheel Alignment specification of Mitsubishi Adventure, the camber specification, caster adjustment data and toe alignment specification. You can use this data for your wheel aligner machine. This wheel alignment data applicable to the following year model 1997-2017. This wheel alignment specification will also work for the following car model: 👉Mitsubishi Adventure (Philippines) 👉Mitsubishi Kuda (Indonesia) 👉Mitsubishi Jolie (Vietnam) 👉Soueast Freeca (China) 👉Africar Landio/Jockey (South Africa).

FRONT CAMBER (L&R)-0.500.000.50
FRONT CASTER (L&R)0.851.852.85
FRONT TOTAL TOE0.120.270.42
REAR TOTAL TOE0.000.000.00

Learning more about the Mitsubishi Adventure

👉The Mitsubishi Freeca was made by and for the Asian market. It is known as the Mitsubishi Adventure/Kuda/Jolie in Taiwan, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam, where it is made.

👉The first Mitsubishi Freeca came out on September 11, 1997. In March 2005, the Philippines plant made the 50,000th Adventure. 👉In the Philippines, the Adventure got a major redesign in 2001 and then again in 2004. In late 2009, it got a small facelift, and in 2017, the taillights got a small redesign.

👉The GLX, GLX SE, GLS Sport, Super Sport, and Grand Sport are some of the trims. The original model before the facelift was still sold as the Adventure GX in 2006. They were both sold with the model with a new look. It was basically an Adventure that had been stripped down for business or fleet use.

👉The “GX” is the most basic model in the Adventure series. The Adventure TX is a taxicab-only version of the Adventure GX. Even though the TX seems more like a trim for the Adventure GX than a different version of the car.

👉The GX stopped being sold in 2017, but a few were still sold in some stores until 2018.

👉The car is also called the Mitsubishi Kuda in Indonesia, where it was made by PT Krama Yudha Kesuma Motor and sold by Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian until 2005, when the plant that made them shut down. ” Kuda” means in Indonesian. In Vietnam, it is sold under the name Mitsubishi Jolie.

👉The name “Freeca” comes from the words “free” and “ca,” which means “car” in Taiwanese.

👉For a short time, Taiwanese-made Freecas were also sold in South Africa. They were put together there and sold as the Africar Landio and Africar Jockey.