HOW TO GUIDE: Toyota Paseo RKE Keyfob Programming

Toyota Paseo 1995-1998 RKE Keyfob Programming

Very easy to follow tutorial on how to program the RKE Keyfob on Toyota Paseo from the year 1995, 1996, 1997 to 1998.

  1. Locate ECU Programming Receiver

    LOCATE the ECU Programming Receiver.

  2. Insert Key into Ignition

    INSERT key into Ignition and TURN to the ON position.

  3. Enter Programming Mode

    PRESS and HOLD the ECU’s Programming Switch for 3 seconds using a paperclip or small screwdriver. The Status Monitor LED light will turn on for 5 seconds to indicate successful entry into Programming Mode..

  4. Program Remote

    WITHIN 5 seconds, PRESS and RELEASE ANY button on the remote. The Status Monitor LED light will turn OFF, the piezo chirper will chirp ONCE and the exterior lights will flash ONCE to indicate successful programming of the remote. IF you hold the button too long and the vehicle alarm sounds, simply press the TOP button on the remote to reset the alarm.

  5. EXIT Programming Mode

    TURN OFF the Ignition to EXIT Programming Mode.

  6. Test Remotes

    TEST all remotes. Programming is complete.

Programming Notes:

  • Verify the following prior to following these instructions:
    • Your vehicle is equipped with keyless entry, and
    • You have a key fob remote that is compatible with your vehicle.
  • Obtain ALL remote transmitters for this vehicle.
  • Important: For MOST vehicles, the ECU Programming Receiver is located UNDERNEATH either the Driver or Passenger front seats. For SOME vehicles, it is located BEHIND the Driver’s Dash and can be accessed by prying out the black faceplate (5”x3”) BEHIND the mirror control switch. It is a BLACK box with 3 connectors and a recessed GREEN RESET button. Refer to the Owner’s Manual for your vehicle’s ECU location.

Please try this procedure also if applicable to your Toyota Paseo

1. Sit in vehicle with all doors closed (including boot).
2. Open driver’s door.
3. Insert and remove key from ignition barrel twice (In-Out In-Out).
4. Close and open driver’s door twice. (Close-Open Close-Open).
5. Insert and remove key from ignition barrel once (In-Out).
6. Close and open driver’s door twice (Close-Open Close Open).
7. Close the door (keep it closed).
8. Insert key in to ignition barrel till the tachometer needle goes up (approx 2 seconds) then turn the key to the
Off/Lock position and remove from ignition barrel.
The door locks should now lock and unlock. You are now in learn mode.
9. On the new remote, press and hold Lock and Unlock together for 4 seconds then release.
10. Then press Lock by itself for 4 seconds.
11. If successful, the door locks will lock and unlock.
12. If door locks sequence twice, this indicates the timing of the buttons hasn’t been performed correctly. Simply
repeat steps 9+10.
13. Repeat steps 9+10 for any additional remotes. Old remotes do not need to be re-learnt.
14. To exit learn mode, simply open and close driver’s door.

Thank you very much! This tutorial was compiled and researched by Erwin Salarda.