Battery Cooling Fan Maintenance Information Reset What is It?

Battery Cooling Fan Maintenance for Hybrid Vehicles

Battery Cooling Fan Maintenance is crucial for hybrid vehicles to maintain optimal operating temperature, prevent overheating, and prolong battery lifespan. Regular cleaning and reset of the fan’s parameters are recommended. This ensures efficient cooling, optimal temperature regulation, and overall vehicle performance.

What is Battery Cooling Fan Maintenance?

  • The battery cooling fan is responsible for circulating air to maintain the hybrid battery at an optimal operating temperature, preventing overheating and prolonging the battery’s lifespan.
  • Clogged air intake or a faulty fan can impede proper cooling, leading to potential battery degradation and failure.

Maintenance Recommendations

  • Regularly clean the air intake and filters to remove any accumulated dust or debris. This ensures the fan can operate efficiently and provide adequate cooling to the battery pack.
  • The battery cooling fan maintenance reset is a feature in the Hybrid Control (HC) system that helps reset and recalibrate the cooling system parameters after servicing or cleaning the components.

Importance of Battery Cooling Fan Maintenance

  • Prevents overheating and prolongs the battery’s lifespan
  • Ensures the battery cooling system is operating efficiently
  • Removes potential obstacles that could impede proper cooling
  • Promotes optimal temperature regulation for the hybrid battery pack
  • Helps maintain the overall performance and reliability of the hybrid vehicle

When to Perform Maintenance Reset?

  • The battery cooling fan maintenance reset should be performed after any service or cleaning of the cooling system components, such as the air intake, filters, or the fan itself.
  • This reset helps the system re-establish the correct baseline for temperature monitoring and fan control, ensuring the battery receives the necessary cooling it requires.

Instruction to Access the Battery Cooling Fan Maintenance Information Reset in the OBD Scanner

The Battery Cooling Fan Maintenance Information Reset can be accessed by following this instruction.

  1. Open your OBD scanner.
  2. Select Local Diagnose if you are using Launch X431.
  3. Select Car Brand Select Model (auto-detect is better to detect the vehicle VIN).
  4. Select and check the following: HC(Hybrid Control)
  5. Select Special Function Then click Battery Cooling Fan Maintenance Information Reset .

The sample car model with this feature is the Toyota Dyna 200 2019 model.


Regularly maintaining the battery cooling system and performing the necessary reset in the Hybrid Control system is crucial for preserving the hybrid battery’s health and extending its lifespan. This helps ensure the vehicle’s hybrid system operates at optimal efficiency and reliability.