From Phone to Ignition: A Guide to Digital Key Code and Reset

Using and Resetting Your Vehicle’s Digital Key Code

The Digital Key Code is a convenient feature that allows you to use your smartphone as a digital key to unlock and start your vehicle without needing the physical key fob. However, there may be times when you need to reset this code. Here’s what you need to know about the Digital Key Code and resetting it.

What is the Digital Key Code?

The Digital Key Code is part of your vehicle’s ES (Entry & Start) system that recognizes and communicates with authorized smartphones to:

  • Unlock the doors
  • Start the engine

It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and an associated mobile app for the ultimate in keyless convenience.

Benefits of Using a Digital Key Code

Using your smartphone as a digital car key has several advantages:

  • Convenience – No need to carry a physical key fob.
  • Easy Access Sharing – Grant temporary access to others by adding their phone.
  • Security Features – Monitor your vehicle’s location and control access remotely.

When to Reset the Digital Key Code

There are a few common scenarios where you may need to reset or remove the Digital Key Code credentials:

  • Getting a New Phone – Reset is required to set up the new device
  • Revoking Access – Remove an ex-spouse, valet, etc. from your approved devices
  • Troubleshooting Issues – Reset may fix problems with doors not unlocking/engine not starting

Instruction to Access the Digital Key Code reset in the OBD Scanner

The Digital Key Code reset can be accessed by following this instruction.

  1. Open your OBD scanner.
  2. Select Local Diagnose if you are using Launch X431.
  3. Select Car Brand Select Model (auto-detect is better to detect the vehicle VIN).
  4. Select and check the following: ES(Entry&Start)
  5. Select Special Function Then click Digital Key Code reset .

The sample car model with this feature is the Toyota Highlander HV 2024 model.

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