2000-2012 5 Steps Volvo S40 Oil Reset

2000-2012 5 Steps Volvo S40 Oil Reset

About Volvo S40

The S40 sedan and V40 wagon debuted in the U.S. for 2000. They are relatively quick and handled well in CRtests, but didn’t feel sporty and the ride was stiff. Engine noise from the turbocharged four-cylinder engine is prominent. The front seats are firm and comfortable; the rear is cramped. Safety equipment was state of the art for the day.

The redesigned model debuted in mid-2004 as a 2005 model and brought significant improvements over the original, including available all-wheel drive. Powertrains include a raspy five-cylinder engine and a stronger, turbocharged unit for the T5. This one is roomier inside than the first generation, though the rear seat is cramped, with very tight legroom. The handsome V50 wagon is small, but versatile inside. They were discontinued in 2011.

Oil Reset

  1. With ignition off, press and hold the trip odometer “RESET” button and turn ignition to the “RUN” position within 2 seconds.
  2. Continue to hold button until original value has been reset.
  3. When the information lamp turns on, release button within 4 seconds.
  4. A chime will be heard.
  5. Turn ignition off.

2000-2012 5 Steps Volvo S40 Oil Reset

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