5 Easy Steps Toyota RAV4 2021-2022 Oil Reset

RAV 4 2021-2022 OIL RESET

Tutorial on how to reset the oil MAINTENANCE REQUIRED reminder indicator message in a TOYOTA RAV4 from the years 2021 to 2022 in a very simple and easy to follow approach, complete with an image guide to make it easy to comprehend.

Please reset the reminder light or message once the required maintenance has been completed in accordance with the maintenance schedule. Follow the steps below to reset the reminder light .

5 Easy Steps


➊ Turn the IGNITION ON (Accessory Mode).


➋ Press arrows BUTTONS (Arrow button on the steering wheel)  and select settings on the multi-information display.

settings rav4


➌ Press down button of the steering wheel and select “Vehicle Settings”. Then press and hold the OK BUTTON.

vehicle settings -rav4


➍ Press down buttonof the steering wheel and select “Scheduled Maintenance”. Then press OK BUTTON.

schedule maintenance


➎ RESET DATA? Select “Yes” and press OK BUTTON.

yes to reset data

The process for resetting the oil service maintenance reminder in the Toyota RAV4 is now complete. Start the engine to ensure that the service reminder has been successfully reset.

You can conduct some maintenance tasks on your own. Please keep in mind that do-it-yourself self-maintenance may have an impact on warranty coverage.

Compiled and researched with ❤️by Erwin Salarda.