HOW TO GUIDE: Honda Clarity Tire Pressure TPMS Reset

HOW TO GUIDE: Resetting the Tire Pressure TPMS on Your Honda Clarity

Please follow the straightforward procedures that are provided below in order to reset and calibrate the TPMS tire pressure service reminder indicator found on Honda Clarity models manufactured in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.


You must start TPMS calibration every time you:
• Adjust the pressure in one or more tires.
• Rotate the tires.
• Replace one or more tires.

You Can Calibrate the TPMS System From the Customized Feature on the Audio/Information Screen.


  • The vehicle is at a complete stop. • The gear position is in (P.) • The power mode is in ON (Don’t start the engine.


  • Press the HOME button.

Honda clarity -Home


  • Select Settings.

Honda clarity - Settings


  • Press Vehicle.

Honda Clarity - vehicle


  • Press TPMS Calibration

Honda Clarity -tpms calibration


  • Select Calibrate (The calibration process finishes automatically).

Honda clarity - calibrate

Learning More About TPMS Calibration on Honda Clarity

• The calibration process requires approximately 30 minutes of cumulative driving at speeds between 30-65 mph (48-105 km/h).

• During this period, if the power system is turned on and the vehicle is not moved within 45 seconds, you may notice the low tire pressure/TPMS indicator comes on briefly. This is normal and indicates that the calibration process is not yet complete. If snow chains are installed, remove them before calibrating the TPMS.

If the low tire pressure/TPMS indicator comes on even when the properly inflated specified regular tires are installed, have your vehicle checked by an authorized Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid dealer.

We recommend that the tires be replaced with the same brand, model, and size as the originals. Ask an authorized Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid dealer for details.

The indicators for the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA ®) System, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA ®) OFF, low tire Pressure/TPMS and Collision Mitigation Braking System TM (CMBSTM) may come on along with a message in the driver information interface after reconnecting the 12-volt battery. Drive a short distance at more than 12 mph (20 km/h). The indicator should go off. If it does not, have your vehicle checked by an authorized Honda Clarity PlugIn Hybrid dealer.

Compiled and researched with ❤️by Erwin Salarda.