FOR SALE : Lawrence Bosstar V900 Wheel Aligner

FOR SALE  Lawrence Bosstar V900 3D Wheel Aligner

FOR SALE  Lawrence Bosstar V900 3D 4 Wheel Aligner system for auto repair shop Under Chassis Wheel Alignment job. We are the dealer of Lawrence Wheel alignment machines in the Philippines. We provide a warranty, training, and after-sales support.

FREE: Free installation and  Delivery INSIDE METRO MANILA.


FOR: OUTSIDE METRO MANILA free installation, but charges may apply on shipment of machine and transportation, accommodation of our technician during machine Installation and Training.

CONTACT: Erwin C. Salarda – Veritek Inc. Sales and Technical Support.

DEALER:  Veritek Incorporated the leading dealer and distributor of auto shop equipment in the Philippines. We provide warranty after-sales service and spare parts to our machines.

ADDRESS: 11B baesa road, Quezon City – 0915 568 4578


1. Powerful body dimension measurement
2. 3D-technology type of Compensation
3. Unique accurate Target disks
4. High-resolution camera
5. Intelligent LED guidance
6. Lifetime Database Update
7. Copy and Paste Database for a whole Database update
8. Can input Manually Database Specification
9. Easy to Use can read alignment Data for Camber and toe for Less than 2 Minutes.
10. 3D Visual Display.
11. Low Maintenance (Less Electronic Component).
12. Free Rolling Compensation
13. i-TOE 1 function: No steering wheel holder is needed!
14 i-TOE 2 functions: More vehicles can be aligned!
15. Complete Wheel Alignment Function (Caster, Camber, Toe, SAI, Setback (front & rear), Wheelbase difference, and More.
16. Auto Lift Tracking. (Technician can adjust the vehicle Alignment in any Height)
18. Aluminum Camera Beam and Camera Post.


Package Included:

1. Computer Set w/ Printer and Speaker
2. Wheel Alignment Software w/ Database
3. Security Dongle (Micro dog)
4. Wheel Alignment Cabinet
5. 1 Camera Beam w/ 2 Intelligent 5MP Camera
6. 4 Target Disk
7. 1 Aluminum Camera Post
8. Camera Holder
9. 4 Clamp Holder
10. 4 Target Disk Clamp
11. 2 Turn Tables
12. 1 Steering Lock
13. 1 Pedal Lock
14. 1 ground Rod
15. Bolts and Nuts