FOR SALE – Manatec DL65 DSP Premium Wheel Balancing Machine

Manatec DL65 DSP Premium Wheel Balancer

For sale Manatec DL65 DSP Wheel Balancer Premium Quality. Premium quality wheel balancing machine. We are the importer of this machine here in the Philippines.

Manatec DL65 DSP Premium Features

  • Suitable for Car and LCV wheels.
  • Wheel seating cones for LCV are supplied as Optional.
  • Two modes of measurement – Normal & Fine
  • Seven modes of Alloy wheel functions.
  • Graphical user interface for live balancing.
  • Unit conversion in “grams” / “ounces”.
  • Rim parameter entry through wheel rotation.
  • Overvoltage & over load protection circuit.
  • Universal AC input socket.
  • Self-calibration.
  • Automatic distance input
  • Self checking online error display.
  • Adjustable unbalance threshold (weight cut off).
  • A mid-centering device with a Quick change lock nut to ensure fast mounting & removal of wheels.
  • Mechanical brake for weight addition and wheel mounting.
  • Automatic start with wheel guard closure.
  • LED digital display.

Additional features for Premium models

  • Split weight mode (spokes program).
  • Optimization program.
  • Automatic Rim diameter and rim width input.

Manatec DL65 DSP Premium Technical Specification

Maximum wheel weight65 kg
Maximum wheel diameter39″ (990 mm)
Maximum wheel width21″ (533 mm)
Rim diameter10″ to 24″ (254 mm to 610 mm)
Rim width1.5″ to 20″ (38 mm to 508 mm)
Rim distance
By distance measuring rod
by keypad entry
4 mm to 178 mm
4 mm to 550 mm
Fine mode
Normal mode
1 gm
5 gm
Maximum unbalance measurement300 gm
Accuracy1 gm
Position accuracy± 1°
Balancing speed175 RPM
Spin timeMin. 9 sec.
Power Supply230V ±10% AC,Single phase, 50Hz