Volkswagen Eurovan 2000 Service Reminder Indicator Reset

Volkswagen Eurovan 2000 Service Reminder Indicator Reset

Eurovan Service Reminder Reset

NOTE: Some 2000 EuroVan vehicles were mistakenly equipped with instrument clusters having Service Reminder Indicator (SRI) functions (SRI is not specified as standard equipment for the USA and Canadian markets). Vehicles so equipped may indicate a service or maintenance interval not applicable to the USA and Canadian markets.

NOTE: The Service Reminder Indicator can also be reset using an OEM scan tool.

NOTE: On EuroVan, only the actual display shown can be reset.

1. Turn ignition switch to OFF position.
2. Press and hold trip reset button under the speedometer.
3. Turn ignition switch to ON position and release reset button. SERVICE will appear on trip recorder (odometer) display.
NOTE: Pressing trip recorder button again switches the display to INSP SERVICE without resetting the OEL (or OIL) service.
4. Turn adjusting knob, located next to tachometer, to the right (clockwise). The service shown on the trip recorder is reset and SERVICE _ _ _ will appear on display. Turn ignition switch to OFF position.

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