The 777 Cars Automotive Abbreviation

Automotive Abbreviation

We’ve compiled a list of the 777 car abbreviations that are most commonly used in the automotive industry. We compiled this abbreviation to assist our vocabulary in becoming more familiar with common automotive terms.

42V ISG : 42-Volt Integrated Starter-Generator System
4WD : Four-Wheel-Drive
A/C : Air Conditioning
A/C : Air Conditioning
A/F : Air/Fuel Ratio
A/T : Automatic Transmission Or Transaxle
A4 : 4-Speed Automatic Transmission
A5 : 5-Speed Automatic Transmission
A6 : 6-Speed Automatic Transmission
AA : Automobile Association
AAA : Association Auxiliaire De L’Automobile
AAAS : Advanced Active Adaptive Secondary Safety
AAGR : Average Annual Growth Rate
AAIB : Air Accidents Investigation Branch
AAM : Alliance Of Automobile Manufacturers (Usa)
AAMA : American Automobile Manufacturers Association
AAMVA : American Association Of Motor Vehicle Administrators
Aarhus : Unece Convention On Access To Justice In Environmental Matters
AAT : Ambient Air Temperature
ABA : American Bus Association
ABC : Active Body Control
ABI : Association Of British Insurers
ABM : Antilock Brake Module
ABPA : Associao Brasiliera De Pneus & Aros (Brazilian Tyre Association)
ABRO : Defence Logistics Association
ABS : Antilock Brake System
ABSV : Air Bypass Solenoid Valve
ABTC : Altoona Bus Test Centre (Penn State Usa)
AC : Alternating Current
AC OR a/c : Air Conditioning
ACAP : Associacao Do Comercio Automovel De Portugal
ACAROM : Asociatiei Constructorilor De Automobile Din Romania
ACBE : Advisory Committee On Business & The Environment
ACC : Adaptive Cruise Control
ACE : Association Of Consulting Engineers
ACEA : Association Des Constructeurs Europeens D’Automobiles (European Automobile Manufactures Association)
ACEM : Association Of European Motorcycle Manufacturers (Association Des Constructeurs Europeens De Motorcyles)
ACFO : Association Of Car Fleet Operators
ACICAE : Basque Country Automotive Industry
ACM : Account Management
ACoP : Approved Code Of Practice
ACORD : Automotive Consortium On Recycling And Disposal (Uk)
ACPMS : Association Components & Parts Manufacturers Section
ACPO : Association Of Chief Police Officers
ACPOS : Association Of Chief Police Officers Scotland
ACRIB : Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Industry Board
ACS : Automotive Components Section
ACT : Actuator
ACTO : Association Of Chief Technical Officers
ACTS : Advisory Committee On Toxic Substances
ACTS : Air Charge Temperature Sensor
ADA : Americans With Disabilities Act
ADAC : Automobile Association (Germany)
ADAPS : Association For Driver Adaptation Product Specialists
ADAS : Agricultural Development & Advisory Service
ADB : Adaptive Driving Beam
ADCCAT : Association Of Die Cutters And Converters Of Adhesive Tapes
ADD : Automatic Defect Detection
ADEFA : Asociacion De Fabricas De Automores (Argentina)
ADF : Automotive Distribution Federation
ADI : Approved Driving Instructor
ADLO : Association Of Direct Labour Organisations
ADR : Australian Design Rules
ADS : Automotive Data Services
AdvHEV : Hybrid Vehicle
AE : Authorised Examiner – And Individual, Persons In Partnership Or Company, Who Meets Requirements (Premises, Equipment, Personnel And Good Repute) To Carry Out Mot Tesing
AEA : Agricultural Engineers Association
AEBS : Automatic Emergency Braking System
AECC : Association For Emissions Control By Catalyst
AECD : Auxiliary Emissions Control Device
AECS : Auxiliary Emissions Control Strategy
AEG : Area Environment Group
AEGPL : European Liquified Petroleum Gas Association
AEI : Automatic Equipment Identification
AEMT : Association Of Electrical & Mechanical Trades
AENOR : Asociation Espanol De Normalizacion
AEO : Association Of Exhibition Organizers
AEP : Association Of Electricity Producers
AETR : Agreement On The Workof Crews Of Vehicles Engaged In International Road Transport
AFC : Automatic Fee Collection
AFC : Air Flow Control
AFCAR : Alliance For The Freedom Of Car Repair
AFIA : Associacao De Fabricantes Para A Industria Automovel (Portugal)
AFLS : Adaptive Front Lighting System
AFM : Air Flow Meter
AFNOR : Association Francaise De Normalisation
AFQUAD : Association Europeenne Des Fabricants Et Importateurs De Quadricycles
AFRC : Agricultural Food Research Council
AFRL : Automated First Registration And Licensing
AFS : Adaptive Front-Light System
AFS : Air Flow Sensor
AGB : Ad Hoc Group On Braking (Eec)
AGTC : Agreement On International Combined Transport Lines & Related Installations
AHAI : Association Of The Hungarian Automotive Industry
AHBM : Automatic High Beam Module
AHEG : Ad Hoc Experts Group
AHLM : Automatic Headlamp Leveling Module
AHM : Auxiliary Heater Module
AHO : Automatic Headlamp On (Motorcycle Lighting)
AHS : Automated Highway System
AIA : Automobile Importers Of America
AIA CR (SAP) : Automotive Industry Association Of The Czech Republic
AIA SR : Automotive Industry Association (Slovakia)
AIAA : American Importers Agents Association
AIAG : Automotive Industry Action Group
AIAM : Association Of International Automobile Manufacturers (Usa)
AIAMC : Association Of International Automobile Manufacturers Of Canada
AIB : Accredited, Independent, Testing Body
AICA : Associazione Italiana Construttori Autoattrezzature
AICC : Autonomous Intelligent Cruise Control
AICG : Automotive Industry Certification Group
AID : Automotive Industry Data
AIGT : Automotive Industry Growth Team
AILU : Association Of Industrial Laser Users
AIM : Automatic Identification Manufacturers
AIMA : Associacao Dos Industrias De Montagem De Automoveis
AIMS : Association Of Independent Motor Stores
AIRC : Association Internationale Des Reparateurs En Carrosserie
AIRSO : Association Of Industrial Road Safety Officers
AIS : Accident Injury Severity (Scale)
AIT : Association Internationale De Tourisme (International Touring Alliance)
AITF : Automotive Industry Task Force
ALAPA : Associao Latino Americana De Pneus E Aros
ALARP : As Low As Reasonably Practicable
ALBRSO : Association Of London Borough Road Safety Officers
ALCL : Assembly Line Communications Link
ALDL : Assembly Line Data Link
ALEN : Abnormal Load Escort Network
ALG : Association Of London Government
ALR : Automatic Locking Retractors
ALREM : Associationof Load Restraint Equipment
AM : Amendment
AMA : American Mileage Accumulation
AME : Annually Managed Budget
AMF : Advanced Motor Fuels Implementing Agreement Of The Iea
AMFA : Alternative Motor Fuel Act (Us 1988)
AMP : Amplifier
AMS : Auto Motor Sport (German Magazine)
AMT : Automated Manual Transmission
AMVCB : Australian Motor Vehicle Certification Board
AMVIR : Association Of Motor Vehicle Importers (Greece)
ANA : Article Number Association
ANFAC : Asociacion Espanola De Fabricantes De Automoviles Y Camiones (Spain)
ANFAVEA : Associacion Nacional Dos Fabricantes De Veiculos Automotores (Brazil)
ANFIA : Associazione Nazionale Fra Industrie Automobilistiche (Italy)
ANPR : Automatic Number Plate Recognition
ANPRM : Advance Notice Of Proposed Rule Making
ANSI : American National Standards Institute
ANX : Automotive Network Exchange
AONB : Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty (National Parks & Access To The Countryside Act 1949)
AORC : Automotive Occupant Restraints Council (Usa)
APAS : Automotive Parts And Accessories Section
APC : Air Pollution Control
APDS : Automotive Parts Distribution Section
API : Application Programming Interface
APIA : Automotive Manufacturers And Importers Association (Romania)
APM : Adjustable Pedal Module
APME : Association Of Plastic Manufacturers In Europe
APMG : All Party Motor Group
APPS : Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor
APS : Adjustable Pedals System
APS : Absolute Pressure Sensor
APS : Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
APSN : Advanced Passive Safety Network
APTA : Amercian Public Transport Association
APU : Auxiliary Power Unit
AQMD : Air Quality Management District
ARAI : Automotive Research Association Of India
ARB : Air Resource Board
ARENA : Test Site (Sweden)
ARFF : Automatic Rear Fog Flashlights
ARTC : Automotive Research Technicalcentre (Taiwan)
ARTEMIS : Assessment & Reliability Of Transport Emissions Models & Inventory Systems
ARTS : Adaptive Restraint Technology System
AS : Aftermarket Sector
ASA : Bundesverband Der Hersteller Und Importeur Von Automobil-Service Austungen
ASBS : Automatic Sway Bar System
ASCM : Air Suspension Control Module
ASCS : Aerospace Sector Certification Scheme
ASD : Auto Shut Down
ASDM : Airbag System Diagnostic Module
ASE : (National Institute For) Automotive Service Excellence (Usa)
ASEP : Additional Sound Emissions Provisions (Ece Wg)
ASG : Automotive Studies Group
ASME : American Society Of Mechanical Engineers
ASN : Abstract Syntax Notation
ASN.1 : Abstract Syntax Notation One
ASR : Automotive Shredder Residue
ASSI : Air Safety Support International
ASTM : American Society For Testing And Materials
ASV : Advanced Safety Vehicles
AT : Automatic Transmission-Rear Wheel Drive
ATA : Automotive Technician Accreditation
ATAG : Ambulance Transport Advisory Group
ATA-MC : Maintenance Council Of The American Trucking Association
ATB : Articulated Total Body
ATC : Automatic Temperature Control
ATCO : Association Of Transport Co-Ordinating Officers
ATD : Anthropormorphic Testing Device
ATDC : After Top Dead Centre
ATEIL : Association Technique De L’Industrie Europeenne Des Lubrifiants
ATF : Automatic Transmission Fluid
ATF : Automatic Transmission Fluid
ATL : Automated Test Lane
ATLS : Automated Truck Loading Systems
ATOC : Association Of Train Operating Companies
ATP : International Agreement For Carriage Of Perishable Goods
ATPA : Automobile Theft Protection Authority (Michigan)
ATS : Air Temperature Sensor
ATSVR : After Theft System For Vehicle Recovery
ATT : Advanced Road Transport Telematics
ATV : All Terrain Vehicle
ATVEA : All Terrain Vehicle Industry European Association
ATX : Automatic Transmission-Front Wheel Drive
AU : Automotive (Bsi Committee Designation)
AUE : Automobile Engineer
AUE/9 : Bsi Technical Committee For Automobile Details And Accessories
AUE/9/1 : Bsi Technical Committee For Car Jacks
AUKOI : Association Of United Kingdom Oil Independents
AUTIG : Autoreservedels-Og Tilbehors Foreningen 1 Danmark
Autogas : Lpg When Used As A Vehicle Fuel
AUWED : Amending Directive To The Use Of Work Equipment Directive (95/63/Eec)
AV : Abandoned Vehicle
AVC : Advanced Vehicle Concept
AVE : Assistant Vehicle Examiner
AVI : Automatic Vehicle Indentification
AVMS : Automotic Vehicle Monitoring System
AVRO : Association Of Vehicle Recovery Operators
AVSS : Advanced Vehicle Security System
AVT : Active Valve Train
AWD : All Wheel Drive
AWD : All Wheel Drive
AWF : Adapted Weighting Factor
AWLREM : Association Of Webbing Load Restraint Equipment Manufacturers
AWP : Area Waste Plan (Scotland X 11)
AWS : Advanced Weight Sensor
AZC : Automatic Zone Control
B+ : Battery Positive Voltage
BARO : Barometric
BARO : Barometric Pressure
BAT : Battery
BCM : Body Control Module
BCM : Body Control Module
BHP : Brake Horse Power
BMAP : Barometric/Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
BPS : Bladder Pressure Sensor
BPS : Back Pressure Sensor
BPT : Back Pressure Transducer
BSM : Blind Spot Module
BTDC : Before Top Dead Centre
BTS : Belt Tension Sensor
BTSI : Brake Transmission Shift Interlock
Btu : British Thermal Units
BUX : Built-Up Export
C : Celsius
C3I : Computer Controlled Coil Ignition
CAB : Controller Antilock Brake
CALPAK : Calibration Pack
CAN : Controller Area Network
CAN : Controller Area Network
CAN IHS : Controller Area Network – Interior High Speed
CANP : Canister Purge Solenoid Valve
CARB : California Air Resources Board
CAS : Crank Angle Sensor
CC : Cubic Centimetres
CCD : Chrysler Collision Detection
CCN : Cabin Compartment Node
CCP : Coupled Cam Phasing
CDI : Capacitor Discharge Ignition
CEAB : Cold Engine Air Bleed
CECU : Central Electronic Control Unit
CER : Cold Enrichment Rod
CESS : Cold Engine Sensor Switch
CFI : Continuous Fuel Injection
CFI : Central Fuel Injection
cfm : Cubic Feet Per Minute
CGW : Central Gateway
CH4 : Methane
CID : Cylinder Identification Sensor
CID : Cubic Inch Displacement Cis Continuous Injection System
CKP : Crank Position Sensor
CKP : Crankshaft Position Sensor
CKT : Circuit
CMP : Camshaft Position Sensor
CMP : Camshaft Position Sensor
CMTC : Compass/Mini-Trip Computer
CNG : Compressed Natural Gas
CO : Carbon Monoxide
CO2 : Carbon Dioxide
CO2 : Carbon Dioxide
COP : Coil On Plug Ignition
CPA : Connector Positive Assurance
CPI : Central Port Injection
CPU : Central Processing Unit
CSSA : Cold Start Spark Advance
CSSH : Cold Start Spark Hold”
CTM : Compass Temperature Module
CVI : Clutch Volume Index
CVT : Continuously Variable Transmission
CVVL : Continuous Variable Valve Lift
DAB : Driver Airbag
DC : Direct Current
DCHA : Diesel Cabin Heater Assist
DCP : Dual Cam Phasing
DCT : Dual Clutch Transmission
DDM : Driver Door Module
DeAct : Cylinder Deactivation
DEF : Diesel Exhaust Fluid
dHCCI : Diesel Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition
DISP : Display
DLC : Data Link Connector
DMFL : Door Module Front Left
DMFR : Door Module Front Right
DMRL : Door Module Rear Left
DMRR : Door Module Rear Right
DMV : California Department Of Motor Vehicles
DOHC : Dual Overhead Cam
DR : Door
DRBIII : Diagnostic Readout Box, 3Rd Generation
DRL : Daytime Running Lights
DRV : Driver
DTC : Diagnostic Trouble Code
DTCM : Drivetrain Control Module
DVVL : Discrete Variable Valve Lift
DVVLd : Discrete Variable Valve Lift,
DVVLi : Discrete Variable Valve Lift, Includes Intake Valve Cam Phasing
eACC : Improved Electric Accessories
EAT : Electronically Assisted Turbocharging
EATX : Electronic Automatic Transaxle
EBL : Electric Back Lite (Rear Window Defogger)
ECM : Engine Control Module (Diesel)
ECT : Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
EFI : Electronic Fuel Injection
EGR : Exhaust Gas Recirculation
ehCVA : Electrohydraulic Camless Valve Actuation
EHPS : Electrohydraulic Power Steering
EMCC : Electronically Modulated Converter Clutch
emCVA : Electromagnetic Camless Valve Actuation
EMFAC : Arb Emission Factors Modeling Software
EOM : Electronic Overhead Module
EPS : Electric Power Steering
ESM : Electronic Shift Module
ETC : Electronic Throttle Control
ETS : Evaporator Temperature Sensor
EVBP : Electronic Variable Brake Proportioning
EVIC : Electronic Vehicle Information Center
EWP : Electric Water Pump
FCM : Front Control Module
FCV : Flow Control Valve
FDC : Fixed Displacement Compressor
FDCM : Final Drive Control Module
FEMCC : Full Electronically Modulated Converter Clutch
FSM : Folding Seat Module
FTP : Federal Test Procedure
FWD : Front-Wheel Drive
g/mi : Grams Per Mile
GCC : Gulf Coast Countries
GDI-L : Lean-Burn Gasoline Direct Injection
GDI-S : Stoichiometric Gasoline Direct Injection
GEN : Generator
gHCCI : Gasoline Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition
GHG : Greenhouse Gas
GPEC : Global Powertrain Engine Controller
GT : Gran/Grand Turismo
GVW : Gross Vehicle Weight
GVWR : Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
GWP : Global Warming Potential
HC : Hydrocarbons
HCU : Hydraulic Control Unit
HE : Hall Effect
HEV : Hybrid-Electric Vehicle
HFC : Hydrofluorocarbon
HFM : Hands Free Module
HIDT : High Intensity Discharge Transducer
hp : Horsepower
HSDI : High-Speed (Diesel) Direct Injection
HSM : Heated Seat Module
HVAC : Heater Ventilation, Air Conditioning
I/C : Integrated Circuit
IAC : Idle Air Control Motor
IAT : Intake/Inlet Air Temperature Sensor
ICP : Intake Cam Phaser
ICS : Integrated Center Stack
ICU : Integrated Control Unit
IGN : Ignition
ImpAlt : Improved Efficiency Alternator
IOD : Ignition Off Draw
IP : Instrument Panel
IPC : Instrument Panel Cluster
IPM : Integrated Power Module
IR : Infrared
IRT : Intelligent Recovery Timer
ISG : Ntegrated Starter-Generator System
ISG-SS : Integrated Starter-Generator System With Start-Stop Operation
ISS : Input Speed Sensor
ITBM : Integrated Trailer Brake Module
ITM : Intrusion Transceiver Module
JBLK : Junction Block
JTEC : Jeep & Truck Engine Control Module
KDB2 : Keyboard Data Bus, 2Nd Generation
KNB : Knee Blocker Airbag
KS : Knock Sensor
L4 : In-Line Four-Cylinder
LDP : Leak Detection Pump
LDT : Light-Duty Truck
LDT1 : A Light-Duty Truck With A Loaded Vehicle Weight Of Up To 3750 Pounds.
LDT2 : An Lev Ii Light-Duty Truck With A Loaded Vehicle Weight Of 3751 Pounds To A Gross Vehicle Weight Of 8500 Pounds
LDU : Lower Drive Unit
LED : Light Emitting Diode
LEV : Low-Emission Vehicle
LHD : Left Hand Drive
LIN : Local Interconnect Network
LPG : Liquified Petroleum Gas
LR : Low/Reverse Clutch Or Pressure Switch
LRSM : Light Rain Sensor Module
LT : Left
LU : Lockup
LVW : Loaded Vehicle Weight
MAC : Mobile Air Conditioning
MAP : Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
MDPV : Medium-Duty Passenger Vehicle
MDS : Multi Displacement System
MDV : Medium-Duty Vehicle
mg/mi : Milligrams Per Mile
MIC : Mechanical Instrument Cluster
MIL : Malfunction Indicator Lamp
MLS : Multi Layer Steel
ModHEV : Moderate Hybrid
N2O : Nitrous Oxide
NMOG : Non-Methane Organic Gas
NOx : Oxides Of Nitrogen
PB : Power Brakes
PC : Passenger Car
PS : Power Steering
PSD : Power Sliding Door
PSDM : Power Sliding Door Module
PSDML : Power Sliding Door Module Left
PSDMR : Power Sliding Door Module Right
PSI : Pounds Per Square Inch
PSM : Programmable Special Module
PTCM : Power Top Control Module
PTIM : Police And Taxi Interface Module
PTS : Parktronics
PWM : Pulse Width Modulated
PWR : Power
R-134a : Refrigerant 134A, Tetrafluoroethane (C2H2F4)
R-152a : Refrigerant 152A, Difluoroethane (C2H4F2)
RCM : Roof Control Module
REV : Reverse Clutch
RF : Radio Frequency
RHD : Right Hand Drive
RKE : Remote Keyless Entry
RPE : Retail Price Equivalent
RPM : Revolutions Per Minute
RT : Right
SULEV : Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle
SUV : Sport Utility Vehicle
TBI : Throttle Body Injection
TRR : Tire Rolling Resistance
Turbo : Turbocharging
ULEV : Ultra Low Emission Vehicle
V6 : Vee-Formation Six-Cylinder
V8 : V-Formation Eight-Cylinder
VDC : Variable Displacement Compressor
ZEV : Zero-Emission Vehicle
A/F : Air/fuel
ABDC : After Bottom Dead Center
ABPV or ABV : Air Bypass Valve
ACCC : A/C Compressor Clutch
ACCCS : A/C Clutch Cycling Switch
ACL BI-Met : Met  Air Cleaner Bimetal sensor
ACL DV : Air Cleaner Duct and Valve Vacuum motor
ACV : Air Control Valve
AERA : Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association
AFB : Aluminum FourBarrel (carburetor)
AFR : Air/fuel ratio
AI : Air Injection
AICV : Air Injection Check Valve
AIR-CHV : CHV  Air Check Valve
AIR-DV : DV  Air Diverter Valve
AIR-IVV : IVV  Air Idle Vacuum Valve
AIV : Air Injection Valve
AMGV : Air Management Valve
ANTBV : AntiBackfire valve
APDV : Air Pump Diverter Valve
ASC : Automatic Stability Control
ASIA : Automotive Service Industry Association
ASRV : Air Switching Relief Valve
ASS : Air Switching Solenoid
ATS : Air Temperature Sensor
BBDC : Before Bottom Dead Center
BCDD : BoostControlled Deceleration Device
BCI : Battery Council International
BDC : Bottom dead center
Bhp : Brake horsepower
BHS : BiMetal Heat Sensor
BMAP : Barometric and Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor
BP : Barometric Pressure sensor
BPA : ByPass Air solenoid
BPEGR : Backpressure EGR
BTU : British Thermal Unit
BV : Bowl Vent port
BVT : Backpressure Variable Transducer
C-3 : 3  Computer Command Control system
C-4 : 4  Computer Controlled Catalytic Converter system
CAM : Choke Air Modulator switch
CANP : Canister Purge solenoid
car gets a full inspection : Cleaner Air System
CAS : Catalytic Converter
CAT : Coasting Air Valve
CAV : Carburetor Bowl Vent Valve
CBVV : Catalytic Converter
CC : Computer Command Control; Converter Clutch Control solenoid
CCC : Coolant Controlled Exhaust Gas Recirculation
CCEGR : Coolant Controlled Engine Vacuum Switch
CCEVS : Coolant Controlled Idle Enrichment
CCIE : Converter Clutch Override
CCO : Controlled Combustion System
CCS : Computer Controlled Timing
CCT : Closed Crankcase Ventilation system
CCV : Combined Emission Control system; Computerized Emission Control system; Combination Emission Control
CEC : Clutch Engine Switch
CES : Cubic Inches
CI : Cubic Inch Displacement
CID : Continuous Injection System
CIS : Check Valve
CKV : Converter Lockup Clutch
CLC : Carbon Monoxide
CO : Carbon Dioxide
COC : Crankshaft Position sensor
confused man read manual : Canister Purge Regulator Valve
CP : Canister Purge Solenoid
CPRV : Canister Purge Valve
CPS : Coasting Richener Valve
CPV : Canister purge Shut Off Valve
CRV : Cold Start Spark Advance system
CSOV : Cold Start Spark Hold system
CSSA : Cold Temperature Activated Vacuum
CSSH : Coolant Temperature Override switch
CTAV : Coolant Temperature Sensor; Coolant Temperature Switch
CTO : Choke Thermal Vacuum Switch
CTS : Check Valve
CTVS : Cold Weather Modulator
CV : DualBed Catalytic Converter
CWM : Direct current
DBC : Digital Electronic Fuel Injection
DEFI : Distributorless Ignition System
DFS : Delay Valve
DIS : Dashpot
DLV : A doublepole, doublethrow switch
DP : A doublepole, singlethrow switch
DPDT : Diagnostic Readout Box II
DPST : Detonation Sensor See knock sensor
DRB II : Deceleration Spark Advance system
DS : Delay Valve
DSAV : Digital VoltOhmmeter
DV : Diverter Valv
DVOM : Electronic Control Assembly
DVTRV : Electronic Controlled Carburetor
ECA : Electronic Control Module
ECC : Evaporation Control System
ECS : Electronic Control Unit
ECU : Electronic Distributor Modulator
EDIS : Evaporative Emission Controls
EDM : I/EECII/EECIII/EECIV  Electronic Engine Control systems
EEC : Electronic EGR valve
EEC/EEC-I/EEC-II/EEC-III/EEC-IV : Electronic Feedback Carburetor; Electronic Fuel Control
EEGR : EFE Thermal Vacuum Switch
EFC : Early Fuel Evaporation
EFE TVS : Electronic Fuel Injection
EFE : Exhaust Gas Oxygen sensor
EGO : EVR  EGR Electronic Vacuum Regulator
EGR-EPV : FDLV  EGR Forward Delay Valve
EGR-EVR : RSR  EGR Reservoir
EGR-RSR : TVS  EGR Thermal Vacuum Switch
EGR-S/O : EGR Vent solenoid
EGR-TVS : VCV  EGR Vacuum Control Valve
EGRV : VSOL  EGR Vacuum Solenoid
EGR-VCV : VVA  EGR Venturi Vacuum Amplifier
EGR-VSOL : Exhaust Heat Control Valve
EGR-VVA : Electronic Ignition System
EHCV : Electronic Lean Burn
EIS : Electromotive Force, or Electromagnetic Frequency
ELB : Environmental Protection Agency
EMF : Electronic Pressure Control
EPA : SOL  Exhaust Pressure Regulator Solenoid
EPC : VLV  Exhaust Pressure Regulator Valve
EPR-SOL : Engine Rpm Sensor
EPR-VLV : Electronic Spark Control system
ERS : Engine Speed Sensor
ESC : Engine Speed Switch Module
ESS : Electronic Spark Timing system
ESSM : Electronic Throttle Control
EST : Evaporative emission control system
EVAP : EGR Valve Position sensor
EVCR : EGR Vacuum Regulator
EVP : Forced Air Preheat system
EVR : Feedback Carburetor system
FAP : Feedback Carburetor Actuator
FBC : Feedback Carburetor Solenoid; Feedback Control System; Fuel Control Solenoid; Fuel Control System
FBCA : Fuel Cutoff Valve
FCS : Fuel Injection
FI : Fuel Vapor Recovery system
FVEC : High altitude compensator
FVR : High Altitude Emission Control system
HAC : Heated Air Inlet system
HAEC : Hydrocarbon
HAI : Heat control valve
HCV : High Energy Ignition
HEGO : High Swirl Combustion chamber
HEI : Idle Air Control
HSC : Inlet Air Solenoid Valve
IAS : Integral Back Pressure
IBP : Inside diameter
ICM : Ignition
ID : Indicated Horsepower
IHP : Injector Ground
IMVC : Injector
INJ GND : Idle Stop Solenoid
INJ : Ignition Timing Control system
ITC : Idle Vacuum Valve
ITS : Jet Air Stream
IVV : JetControlled Air Valve
JAS : Jet Valve System
JCAV : Keep Alive Memory
JVS : Knock Sensor
KAM : Knock Sensor
KNK : Mass Air Flow Sensor
MAF : Manifold Absolute Temperature Sensor
MAJC : Mixture Control System
MAT : Manifold Charge Temperature Sensor
MCS : Microprocessor Control Unit
MCT : Motronic Engine Control
MCU : Mazda Equipped Control System
MEC : Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association
MECS : Motor and Equipment Wholesalers Association
MEMA : Mechanical Fuel Injection, or Multiport Fuel Injection
MEWA : Manifold Heat Control Valve
MFI : Malfunction Indicator Light
MHCV : MultiPoint Fuel Injection
MPFI : Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association
MTA : National Automobile Dealers Association
MVMA : National Automotive Parts Association
NADA : Oxidation Catalyst
NAPA : Overhead Valve
OC : Oxygen sensor
OHV : Orifice Spark Advance Control
OS : Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSAC : Oil Thermal Vacuum Switch
OSHA : Oxygen Sensor system
OTVS : Pulse Air
OXS : Pulse Air Check Valve
PA : Pulse Air Feeder
PACV : Pulse Air Injection
PAF : Pulse Air System
PAI : Purge Control Valve
PAS : Positive Crankcase Ventilation system
PCOV : PCV Solenoid
PCV : Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve
PCVS : Power Enrichment Control Valve
PCVV : Pressure Feedback EGR sensor
PECV : Port Fuel Injection
PFE : Profile Ignition Pickup
PFI : Programmable ReadOnly Memory
PIP : Canister Purge ShutOff Valve
PROM : Power Steering Pressure Switch
PSOV : Pulse Air Shutoff Valve
PSPS : Positive Temperature Coefficient choke heater
PSV : Ported Vacuum Advance
PTC : Ported Vacuum Control System
PVA : Pressure/Vacuum Fuel Filler Cap
PVCS : Ported Vacuum Switch
PVFFC : Random Access Memory
PVS : Rear Catalytic Converter
RAM : Retard Delay Valve or Reverse Delay Valve
RC : The Rubber Manufacturers Association
RDV : Read Only Memory
RMA : Society of Automotive Engineers
ROM : Secondary Air Supply system See “Air Injection System.”
SAE : Single Bed Catalytic converter; Small Block Chevy
SAS : Spark Control Computer
SBC : Spark Control System, or Speed Controlled Spark
SCC : Speed Control Vacuum Control
SCS : Spark Delay Valve
SCVAC : Secondary Actuator
SDV : Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
SEC ACT : Sequential Fuel Injection
SEFI : Sealed Housing Evaporative Determination system
SFI : Shift Indicator Light
SHED : Solenoid Idle Stop
SIL : EGR Solenoid Vacuum Valve Assembly
SIS : SinglePole, DoubleThrow Switch
SOL V : SinglePoint Fuel Injection
SPDT : SinglePole, SingleThrow Switch
SPFI : Supplemental Restraint System (airbag)
SPST : Solid State Ignition system
SRS : Solenoid Valve Carburetor Bowl Vent
SSI : Solenoid Vent Valve
SVCBV : Thermostatically Controlled Air Cleaner
SVV : Thermactor Air Diverter Solenoid
TAC : Temperature Activated Vacuum System
TAD : Throttle Body Injection
TAV : Throttle Closer
TC : Transaxle Converter Clutch system
TCAC : Throttle Control System; Transmission Converter Switch; Transmission Controlled Spark
TCC : Top Dead Center
TCS : Throttle closing Dashpot
TDC : Time Delay Solenoid
TDP : Thermactor Exhaust Control system
TDS : Thermal Electric Switch
TEC : IV  Thick Film Integrated Ignition (Ford systems)
TES : Thermal Ignition Control
TFI, TFI-IV : Thermactor Idle Vacuum valve
TIC : Throttle Kicker
TIV : Throttle Kicker Actuator
TK : Throttle Kicker Solenoid
TKA : Thermal Override
TKS : Throttle Opener Control system
TO : Throttle Position; Throttle Position Sensor
TOC : Tuned Port Injection
TP : Tire Pressure Monitor System
TPI : Throttle Position Sensor
TPMS : Thermal Reactor
TPS : Throttle Solenoid
TR : Throttle Solenoid Positioner
TSD : Temperature Vacuum Switch; Thermal Vacuum Switch
TSP : Thermostatic Vacuum Switch Valve
TVS : Thermal Vacuum Valve; Thermal Vent Valve
TVSV : ThreeWay Catalyst
TVV : Underbody Catalyst
TWC : Vacuum Advance Control
UBC : Vane Air Flow meter
VAC : Vane Air Temperature sensor
VAF : Vacuum Advance Valve
VAT : Vacuum Break
VAV : Vacuum Bias Valve
VB : Vacuum Check Valve
VBV : Vapor Control System; Vacuum Control Switch
VCKV : Vacuum Control Valve
VCS : Vacuum Delay Valve; Vacuum Differential Valve
VCV : Vehicle Emission Control Information Decal
VDV : Vacuum Operated Exhaust Heat Control Valve
VECI : Vehicle Identification Number
VHC : Vacuum Modulator Valve
VIN : Volatile Organic Compounds
VMV : VoltOhmmeter
VOC : VacuumOperated Throttle Modulator
VOM : Vacuum Pump
VOTM : Variable Reluctance Sensor
VP : Vacuum Regulator Solenoid
VR : Vacuum Retard Delay Valve
VR/S : Vacuum Retard Delay Valve
VRDV : Vacuum Reservoir
VRES : Vacuum Restrictor
VRESER : Vacuum Restrictor
VREST : Variable Reluctance Sensor
VRS : RST  Vacuum restrictor
V-RSR : Vacuum Reducer Valve; Vacuum Regulator Valve
V-RST : Vacuum Switch
VRV : Vacuum Switch Assembly
VS : Vehicle Speed Control Sensor
VSA : Vehicle Speed Sensor; Vacuum Switch Solenoid
VSC : Vacuum Solenoid Valve; Vacuum Switching Valve
VSS : Vacuum Throttle Modulator
VSV : Vacuum Throttle Positioner
VTM : Vacuum Transmitting Valve
VTP : Venturi Vacuum Amplifier
VTV : Variable Voltage Choke
VVA : Variable Valve Timing
VVC : Vacuum Vent Valve
VVT : WideOpen Throttle Air Conditioner Cutoff
VVV : WideOpen Throttle
WAC : WideOpen Throttle Switch
WOT : Wide Open Throttle Valve
WOTS : Wide-Open Throttle Switch
WOTV : Wide Open Throttle Valve


Compiled and researched with ❤️by Erwin Salarda.