Lawrence B2 3D Wheel Aligner Equipment Package

Lawrence B2 3D Wheel Aligner Equipment Package

Buy this car lifter in affordable price. Lawrence B2 3D Wheel Alignment Machine with 4 Post car lifter.



  • Powerful body dimension measurement
  • 3D-technology type of Compensation
  • Unique accurate Target disks
  • High resolution camera
  • Life time Database Update
  • Copy Paste Database for whole Database update
  • Can input Manually Database Specification
  • Easy to Use can read alignment Data for Camber and toe for Less than 2 Minutes.
  • 3D Visual Display.
  • Low Maintenance (Less Electronic Component).
  • Free Rolling Compensation
  • Complete Wheel Alignment Function (Caster, Camber, Toe)

Package Included:

  • Computer Set w/ Printer and Speaker
  • Wheel Alignment Software w/ Database
  • Security Dongle (Micro dog)
  • Wheel Alignment Cabinet
  • 1 Camera Beam w/ 2 Intelligent 5MP Camera
  • 4 Target Disk
  • 1 Aluminum Camera Post
  • Camera Holder
  • 4 Clamp Holder
  • 4 Target Disk Clamp
  • 2 Turn Table
  • 1 Steering Lock
  • 1 Pedal Lock
  • 1 ground Rod
  • Bolts and Nuts

Tools Required

  1. Electric Drill
  2. Hummer
  3. Wrench
  4. Screw Driver


ItemsCamberCasterS.A.IToeSetbackThrust AngleWheel OffsetAxle Offset


Veritek V4P 4 Post Car Lifter


Company – Veritek Incorporated
Model – V4P
Machine Type – 4 Post Car Lifter
Suitable – Cars, SUV and Light Trucks
Included – Rolling Jack
Weight Capacity (Ton): – 4 Tons
Post height: – 2118 mm
Lifting Height – ≥1750mm
Lifting Time: – 50 Seconds
Motor Voltage: – 220V
Motor Power: – 2Hp/ 60 Hz


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