Daihatsu OBD1 16 Pin DIY Diagnostic Tutorial


Accessing Code

  • Trouble codes are displayed by the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL).Fig.5
  • Switch ignition ON.
  • Bridge data link connector (DLC) terminals 4 and 6 Fig. 1 .
  • If no trouble codes are stored, the MIL will flash twice per second Fig. 2 .
  • Each trouble code consists of two groups of one or more flashes Fig. 3 [A].
  • Warning lamp flash duration: 0,5 second Fig. 3 [B].
  • A 0,5 second pause separates each flash Fig. 3 [C].
  • A 1,5 second pause separates each trouble code group Fig. 3 [D].
  • A 2,5 second pause separates each trouble code Fig. 3 [E].
  • For example: Two 0,5 second flashes – 1,5 second pause – one 0,5 second flash. Trouble code 21 displayed Fig. 3 heated oxygen sensor (HO2S).
  • Trouble codes are repeated 4 seconds after last trouble code.
  • Count MIL flashes. Note trouble codes. Compare with trouble code table.
  • Remove bridge wire.
  • Switch ignition OFF.
  • Rectify faults as necessary.

How To Diagnose Daihatsu Obd1 16 Pin Without Obd Scanner

Erasing Codes

NOTE: Fuse removal duration depends on ambient temperature. The lower the temperature the longer the fuse must be removed.

  • Switch ignition OFF.
  • Remove EFI fuse (15A) from engine bay fusebox for 10 seconds minimum Fig. 4 .
  • Refit fuse.
  • Trouble codes may also be erased by disconnecting battery earth lead.

WARNING: Disconnecting battery may erase memory from electronic units (e.g. radio, clock).

  • Repeat checking procedure to ensure no data remains in ECM fault memory.


Flash type

Fault location

Probable cause

13Camshaft position (CMP) sensor – no signalWiring, CMP sensor, ECM
18Knock sensor (KS) – circuit malfunctionWiring, KS, ECM
21Heated oxygen sensor (HO2S)/oxygen sensor (O2S) – range/performance malfunctionWiring, HO2S/O2S, ECM
24Mixture adjustment resistor – circuit malfunctionWiring, mixture adjustment resistor, ECM
31Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor – circuit malfunctionWiring, MAP sensor, ECM
41Throttle position (TP) sensor – circuit malfunctionWiring, TP sensor, ECM
42Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor – open/short circuitWiring, ECT sensor, ECM
43Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor – open/short circuitWiring, IAT sensor, ECM
44AC evaporator temperature sensor – circuit malfunctionWiring, AC evaporator temperature sensor, ECM
45AC compressor clutch – circuit malfunctionWiring, AC compressor clutch, AC compressor RPM sensor
51Switch signal – malfunctionWiring, AC switch, PNP switch, TP sensor, ECM
52Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) – circuit malfunctionWiring, speedometer, VSS, ECM
81Immobilizer control module – signal malfunctionWiring, immobilizer control module, ECM
83Immobilizer control module/engine control module (ECM) – communication malfunctionWiring, ECM